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        1. Welcome: Guangzhou YOONDON Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
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          TRIAC constant current dimmable power supply

          • TRIAC constant current dimmable dirver 1~300W
          TRIAC constant current dimmable dirver 1~300W

          TRIAC constant current dimmable dirver 1~300W

          • Product description: TRIAC dimmable led dirver
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          Product Features and Advantages:

          1.Dimming:Can be used for dimmer switch,Perfectly achieve 0-100% smooth dimming function, no flicker, no noise

          2. Compatibility:Compatible with dimming system,such as Lutron,Crestron,ABBLeviton,Dalitek,CLIPSAL,citygrow,Lite-Puter, Schneider, Koti, Tantro

          3. Operating Life Long:Constant current driver for LED, strong adaptability to wide range of load. and make led lamps favor with the extension operating life about more than 50% .

          4. Input Voltage:90-130V/200-250V (No need to take any other led driver,easier and more convenient.)

          5. Protection:Proactive recognition of load, short circuit and open circuit protection

          Product Application:

          LED downlights, LED track lights, LED wall lights, LED flood light, LED ceiling lamps, LED panel lights, LED lights Cup and other constant current LED light source;

          Note: power, output current, output voltage, can be customized according to the specific needs


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